What Makes a Vintage Wedding “Vintage”?


Oh, so many lovely things do! Therefore, we feel obliged to warn you: one you start diggin’ into all the things vintage, you’ll be so impressed that there will be no going back to a contemporary wedding ceremony. Vintage equals wonderful, and here is a “short” list of all the things which can transfer the vibe accordingly.

The dress

Let’s start with the most important one, of course – your wedding dress! There are really gorgeous models to choose from, and you can be sure about one thing. If you go for vintage, there is no way that you’ll be looking back at your wedding photos wondering “what on earth was I thinking” when you look at your one-time modern wedding gown. Basically, a vintage wedding dress is timeless!

The shoes

Equally important are your dancing shoes. Thank goodness, abnormally high stilettoes weren’t so popular back in the day, so you should be really comfortable. What is more, they will look absolutely spectacular.

The flowers

Soft and subtle nuances will dominate the wedding. Your flower arrangements could have lavender roses, carnations, heirloom roses, peonies, tulips, or dahlias. You can even use hyacinths for your bouquet! It must be admitted that the floral choices are pretty original, aren’t they?

The car

You don’t need a horse and a carriage to have a romantic wedding! A vintage car looks both romantic and classy. Simply compare a classic car to a modern-day limo, and you’ll see the difference. Driving off in a vintage car is priceless. Plus, it photographs well, too.

The invites

By the way, if you would really like your guests to adjust to the theme on time, your invites should clearly indicate it is a vintage wedding they are invited to. The characteristic font, colours and materials will show off a dash of the good old days.

The reception

There are so many vintage details to make your wedding stand out. Here is what you should be paying attention to:

  • Live music – if possible, hire a brass band. They needn’t play all night long, but it would be nice and impressive to have them at the very beginning. Later on, a DJ will suffice, and it won’t hurt if he/she will be playing some modern rhythms. As we’ve already mentioned, this is a wedding, not reacting of a specific era.
  • Lace tablecloths – it’s a vintage wedding, isn’t it?
  • Candelabra – in the world of green homes and LED lights, this simply screams vintage.
  • Champagne tower – you remember it from the old films, don’t you? A champagne tower used to be an intricate part of every reception, so it’s simply inevitable.
  • Family history – it would be nice touch to have a family tree represented somewhere. After all, vintage is about the past and tradition.

Choose a decade

And stick to it. Do you prefer the twenties and thirties, fifties, or sixties maybe? This is perhaps best reflected in the choice of your dress, so work from there, and adjust all the other details. Generally, vintage is all about the good old days, but be vary about the details. Art deco and the dark lounge is for the roaring twenties, a tea-length dress for the fifties and old Hollywood glam, while the sixties may call for boho chic.

When organizing a vintage wedding, it’s all in the details. However, don’t have too many of those. A plethora of antique objects is not really recommendable. You wish for your wedding to be vintage, not a costume party, so take care. Going overboard can sometimes backfire.

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