The right gift to get a hunter!


Those folks who look or realize someone which hunts can easily appreciate the particular thrill and also enjoyment in which hunting brings for the millions regarding Americans who be involved in this age-old action. Hunting enthusiasts result from all taking walks of living. Some look for the thrill with the raw opposition, the concern that pits person against monster. For other folks, hunting provides many restorative benefits. Still other folks simply take pleasure in the comradely regarding hunting with relatives and buddies. Then you can find the “traditional” searcher, who look for food or perhaps taxidermy.

A standard challenge many hunters face could be the difficulty regarding capturing the particular hunting knowledge on video clip. You can not exactly function a photographic camera while bringing a looking rifle. Having a picture regarding you standing close to you kill produces a great scrapbook addition, nonetheless it doesn’t seize the joy and challenge with the hunt alone. Well now as a result of Zetronix, there exists a revolutionary solution to record the complete hunting experience from your perspective with the hunter with out compromising basic safety or talent!

How carry out they perform?

Simple, the glasses have everything required to begin to use them immediately with all the push of your button.. To look at the video clip, simply put the sun shades into your personal computer or Mac pc and discuss the video clip with anyone you would like.. Upload the particular video to be able to YouTube and possibly your looking experience can be the subsequent viral video clip viewed and also emailed simply by millions.

Your husband will cherish them

The glasses feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery power so they can recharge these from virtually any USB port for instance your computer or laptop. They contain 8GB regarding memory which can be enough to be able to record a couple of hours regarding HD video clip with appear. The glasses have interchangeable dim polarized contact lenses. For a supplementary charge regarding $10, you can aquire a couple of clear contact lenses for top quality recording.. Regarding longer saturday and sunday hunting excursions, the storage device is expendable to around 32GB. A vehicle charger can be available for your unit regarding only $15 money extra.

Video camera sunglasses

Sunglasses using a built-in electronic digital video recorder have become available for the public. As yet, this technology continues to be exclusively offered to spies, FBI industry agents, as well as other government real estate agents. But today, thanks to be able to innovations inengineering simply by Zetronix, out of doors enthusiasts, which includes hunters, can experience all some great benefits of this amazing product.. The zShadesHD are usually sunglasses who have a built-in camera contact lens allowing an individual to seize thefirst particular person perspective using a simple touch of your button. The DVR sunglasses needs to be in each hunter’s collection. Now any time he returns from a fantastic hunting vacation, instead regarding sharing uninteresting and at standstill photographs, he can have video clip capturing the complete hunting experience from your excitement with the pursuit for the glory with the kill. Not simply will he manage to share the particular video with relatives and buddies, but they can analyze his / her hunting method and decide if virtually any improvements must be made.

The glasses not merely record great good quality High Classification video much like a specialist camera, but in addition they capture apparent sound of all action, together with your commentary and also any animals inside the surrounding location.

Sunglass using a surprise

The zSadesHD produce a perfect gift for almost any occasion, Holiday, Birthdays, Hanukkah, or perhaps Fathers Evening. Now they can capture the complete hunting knowledge, from start to end, and also share that with close friends, family, some other hunting lovers, as properly as most people. Who knows Find Write-up, maybe the husband will become another Internet celebrity using a popular Facebook video in which goes viral!