Beauty Insight: Fashion 2018

Style Tips

Have you ever been dissatisfied with your appearance just because most models from the world of fashion look “better”? Today we are going to ponder over the issues of beauty on the example of the catalogue of

One of the main features of the modern fashion can be described as “no limits”. You’ve got it right. There is no more single standard of beauty anymore. The world famous fashion houses create collections for people of different built. No more offensive clichés about hourglass, apple, straight or pear-figured supermodels desired. Have you seen the catalogue of The range of the shop is presented by beautiful women with and without curves. All of them look perfect, don’t they?

We create problems ourselves. It’s not fashion which makes us too demanding when it comes to our appearance. We interpret the images shown during the weeks of high fashion as we are able or want to. The experts of work hard on getting feedback from their customers. And the latter are unbelievably grateful for making them feel beautiful. It’s so easy to judge and so difficult to believe in ourselves or break old stereotypes. Please, be critical when testing fashion trends. It helps to avoid made-up problems.

No matter what shape of face, complexion or size of clothes you have, it’s not the reason for feeling less worthy than the girls from the pages of glam magazines. You are beautiful. All of you!