Apple Watch Is So Famous, But Why?

Style Tips

Recently apple becomes the leading watchmaker in the world beating all the traditional watch companies. Apple achieved this spot in just three iterations of its smartwatch. There are various smartwatch present in the market including fitness bands still Apple reached on the top spot regardless of joining late in the party.

Before Apple smartwatch, smartwatch market is dominated by the fitness trackers and android wear but all of these lacks in user interface and customisation and also android smartwatches doesn’t track the health data as fitness bands do, and fitness bands doesn’t provide the smart features which android smartwatches provide.

Apple bridged the gap between the fitness bands and smart features providing the best of the both world to the user. Apple watch not only track the health data but also loaded with smart features like notification, LTE capability etc.

Apple watch comes in two sizes 32mm and 42mm biggest advantage of these watches are that bands are backward compatible or compatible with older Apple watch model also any 32mm and 42mm bands in the market are compatible which uses the clip mechanism therefore wide variety of watch bands are available you can get these watch bands on and also in various offline and online stores. All sort of bands are available for Apple watch starting from leather band, double tour bands, single tour band, metal bands you name the type of the band and possibility are you will find it.

Also, especially in developing nations Apple is the style symbol which define the status of the person that’s why in these countries Apple products treated as ornaments like in China and India. In recent addition of Series 3 Apple Watch, Apple introduces the always connected watch packed with LTE connectivity which make Apple Watch to Stand out from the competition.