Pros and cons of pain relief medication


Chronic pain is something many of us live with daily. If you suffer with a condition like arthritis, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis you’ll know the struggle of dealing with pain.

However pain can be a regular challenge even if you don’t have a persistent condition; the staggering pain of a migraine or cramping of period pain can leave you debilitated and unable to do the simplest of daily activities. If you have regular pain you’re likely to have a regular painkiller prescription, such as codeine. You can buy codeine online which can make it easier to keep on top of your pain management.

Should you always reach for medication to ease the pain though, or will this make matters worse?


You can manage the pain easily

Using a pain relief medication can help manage your pain. Getting the right painkiller for your type of pain is important; for example painkillers to treat nerve pain might not work for joint pain, and joint painkillers might not work for muscle pain. It’s important to have a diagnosis from your doctor to be able to assess the right kind of pain relief for you.

Once you’ve got this, pain relief medication can give you your life back, by helping you feel more able to get out and about.

Easily accessible

Once you know which pain relief medication you need for your condition, you can buy it online, set up regular orders and you’ll find it’s often cheaper and quicker to order it this way. It makes managing your condition that bit easier and less stressful.


Can be side effects

As with all medications, there can be side effects with any type of pain relief medication. It’s important that you tell your doctor or pharmacist of any existing conditions you have, if you’re pregnant or are allergic to any medication.

Most side effects are mild and wear off after a couple of days but if you’re concerned see your pharmacist or doctor immediately.

Can be costly

If you need ongoing pain medication, and lots of it, you can find it becoming very costly. Shop around, and remember you can buy painkillers such as codeine online, which can be cheaper than getting them on prescription directly.

Can come to rely on them

In some cases, particularly with opiate drugs, you can come to rely on the medication and find it hard to stop taking them.

It’s always important to see your doctor before you stop any longer term medication as you may need to reduce the dosage first.

You’re also likely to have regular reviews for your medication and it’s important to attend these so your doctor can assess how the medication is working.