Women fashion the 21st century in the world


clothes are one of the important things that shows the culture of the person. No doubt that it keeps on changing from time to time but still that basic element always exits in own the look fashion. Same is the case with the world. The fashion trends kept on changing but we still are able to see that basic element of fashion defining the culture of the eastern and western countries.

Internet and television changed trends a lot

With the development of the world, internet and tv hanged the mindset of the people. the ideas become widespread which widened the style of clothing o women a lot. This is the reason why we see a lot of versatility in the clothing of the middle eastern and western women are often influenced by their hobbies and interests see latest fashion trends on ownthelook Instagram.


Work has also played a huge role in the clothing style and development. Every woman dress coming to the nature of her work. if she is a fashion designer, you will see a difference in her clothing if you compare her with the woman working in a bank or any other sector. If the company demands professional dressing form the woman, she will have to dress up like that but if the working environment is casual, it is up to the girl what she wants to wear. In professional environments, dress shirts or polo are common whereas, in casual environments, jeans are common. Girls always searching own the look sale dresses to look modern and stylish within the budget.


Age also plays a part in the clothing style of the women. young women will tend to wear shorter clothes which might be revealing as well but slight changes would be seen in the case of the women who are older. It is not that there are proper rules for dressing for older or younger women but still there is a difference which can be printed out easily.


Religion can be one of the things which make the difference in the dressing of the women. If a woman is Catholic, she would wear some sort of different dresses see ownthelook dresses than the one who is a Muslim.


If your culture is tolerant enough to let you wear anything you want, you can go with that but if not, you will have to be a little careful. Indian women tend to wear a sari as a symbol of their culture whereas African women represent their cultural heritage by wearing a kaftan.


21st-century women would not wear the same thing at home that she wears at her office. This would totally depend on her ease. There are different designs that are made for the comfort of the women so they can carry their styles without doing any effort. Usually what women love to wear are trousers or jeans whatever makes them feel comfier.

21st-century women are so into style and fashion that they tend to wear fashionable stuff even at home. this is what represents them and make them feel happy by their clothing even at home.