Patek Philippe Grand Complication Platinum Review


Finding that perfect time piece that is the apex of sophistication, class, and status can be difficult when browsing the lines of wrist watches by Patek Philippe. Without a doubt, this respected watchmaker produces the best time pieces in the world. With quality that is unparalleled, if you have the $100,000-plus to spend, then take a look at the Grand Complication Men’s Platinum by Patek Philippe.


The Grand Complication Men’s Platinum time piece is a Swiss-made luxury wrist watch that uses a hand-wound movement as opposed to Automatic. The round 39.5mm case is made of the best Platinum, with a beautiful fixed Platinum bezel that outlines the stunning analogue dial.

With all of the best materials used to create this piece of wrist art, this model from the Grand Complications series is one of the most complex, elegant, and functional time pieces on the luxury market. This is no fashion watch from the likes of Daniel Wellington, Michael Kors or Guess watches, but truly a piece of design and engineering excellence! Take a look at the incredible technical specifications below, including the many features of this Patek Philippe.

The Good

The Grand Complication has many positive aspects that make this one of the top ultra-luxury time pieces available today. The following are some of the functions of this time piece that are incredibly packed into this elegant and pricey watch:

  • Hand Wind movement with Calibre 324 S QR engine
  • Satin Silver Dial with Silver-Toned dial hands
  • Anti-reflective Sapphire crystal for perfect sight
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Leap Year, Moon Phase, Month, Date, Day, Hour, Minute, Sweep Seconds

The list could go on. The sheer quality of the materials and craftsmanship is incredibly impressive in this 39.5mm ultra-luxury men’s watch. There are few finer luxury time pieces out there that can hold candle to this Swiss-made Patek Philippe.

The Bad

There have been no negative reports or downsides to this model. The only potentially negative aspect of this timepiece is that for those who are unaware, the hand-winding movement could come as a surprise. For those who are unprepared or unwilling to put the effort into hand-winding this wrist watch should not purchase it. For the enthusiasts among you, this is a time piece of times gone past, and is now a modern classic.


There are countless highlights to this Grand Complication Men’s Platinum. The construction materials, for one, are of the absolute best quality in the world. Rather than using Stainless Steel, Patek Philippe designed this watch using Platinum for the case and polished Platinum for the fixed bezel. This creates a two-tone shine that is subtle but powerful.

The elegance does not end there. The hour markers and dial hands are silver-tone and beautifully complement the Platinum as well as the black genuine leather strap. The satin silver dial is the main eye-catcher to this piece. This unusual and unique dial colour comes through with perfect clarity thanks to the anti-reflective Sapphire crystal that is used to protect the dial. The wearer can easily glance down and view the current time, the day of the week, the month, the day of the month, and the moon phase.

This design never feels crowded despite the plethora of timekeeping information you can view from the dial.


The functionality of the Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Men’s Watch is beyond reproach. For a time piece of this calibre and quality, it is expected that this watch be perfectly functional and calibrated. From the movement to the elegant dial, every piece of this wrist watch functions perfectly.

Behind the dial lies a multitude of mechanisms that make up the elegant and beautiful satin silver dial face. As you can see in the illustration below, the moon phase, the day of the week, and the month are some of the underlying features in this time piece. You can see at the 12 o’clock position four Roman numerals–I, II, III, and IV. These represent the years in regards to keeping track of Leap Year.

What is not shown is the Perpetual Calendar, which you can see in the photograph above. This classically designed calendar makes up the final feature of the Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Men’s Platinum Watch.


You can own this ultra-luxury Patek Philippe time piece by purchasing it from a number of retailers. You can purchase it from Amazon for $108,562, saving over $7,000 off of the list price.

Overall Impression

This time piece is a step above other luxury watches. Using beautiful Platinum as the case material, the fixed bezel features a polished Platinum finish to compliment the satin silver dial with silver-toned hands and index hour markers.

This Patek Philippe is not just made with the best high-end luxury materials, but it also is worth its price because it features so many different timekeeping functions. Other high-end watches skip the Perpetual Calendar, Moonphase, LeapYear, Sweep seconds, and other features. This model is elegantly packed with an incredible variety of time information in a beautiful and clean design.

My overall impression is that a lot of effort was put into the design of this Grand Complication Perpetual Calendar model. With exceptional quality, a multitude of timekeeping options, top-of-the-line materials, and an elegant and sturdy construction, this time piece is one of my absolute favourites of the Patek Philippe line.