Also known as hairdressing scissors , a cutting shear is a fundamental tool in the profession of a barber or a hair stylist . It is that component that sophisticates the work of a beautician . There’re various types of cutting shears a hairdresser uses depending of some crucial factors . Each of the scissorses has designated responsibility that’s geared towards producing a particular effect when used. The hair stylist will use them depending on the type of hair being worked on and desired style . There are basically 3 types of scissors:-

  • Thinning scissors
  • Razor shears
  • Regular shears

A Thinning scissor is also referred to as chunk shears . They are used for a specific type of hair that is thick in proportion to the rest of the head. Razor shears is a texturizing tool. Lastly, Regular scissors offers a close resemblance to the scissors used at home. This article aims at providing an insight into the guidelines followed when choosing hairdressing scissors.

  1. Consider Comfort

Producing a decent hair cut is a factor that depends on the hair stylist and the condition of the tool used. Comfort is that defining factor which is directly proportional to the quality of service rendered. Fatigue of the hand is an occupational hazard prone to hair stylists. The condition becomes worse if the scissors being used is faulty. This is a frustrating experience that should be avoided under all circumstances. A hair stylist should take charge and be in control of the cutting process.

  1. Purchasing scissors from a well known company

There are many entrepreneurs who have ventured into selling scissors. This presents a challenge  in terms of choosing the correct brand and quality. However as an expert in your area of specialization choosing the correct type of scissors shouldn’t present any challenges. There’re numerous legitimate companies who provide quality at a handsome price. These companies value customer experience. It is upon you to seek and find the appropriate hairdressing scissors.

  1. Size

Scissors comes in wide range of different shapes and sizes it can either be long or short. Choosing the size of scissors to use depends solely on taste and preference of the hair stylist. The process of establishing the right size of scissors to use involves taking measurements. A scissor is placed in the palm of your hands, the blade should be oriented to the last section of the middle finger.

  1. Cost

Before making a purchasing decision it’s very important to know your budget in terms of what it will cost for a particular product. The most effective method of establishing type and cost of the scissors you needed is by making inquiring from experienced hairdressers . This will grant you with a rough estimate of the total amount that you will need to complete the transaction.

There no elaborate criteria that stipulate the rules and guidelines that should strictly be adhered to when choosing hairdressing scissors. It all depends on you