Wedding rings are a symbol of the bond between two loving hearts. The rings stand for the marriage vows and are a romantic commitment to the common life – which we reward with a special pair price. One of the most popular materials for wedding rings is silver. The noble metal enchants with elegance and light shimmer. The bright shine of silver rings marks the beginning of a new phase of life for many bridal couples and radiates joyful confidence. We are wedding, because at wedding, wedding rings made of silver and diamonds are cheap and available for every budget.


Before buying wedding rings, couples should check which style suits them best. In addition to the design of a ring, the material also influences the expression. As the bride and groom develop an understanding of the differences between the different materials, it is easier for them to choose the right alloy or a combination of different metals. A silver wedding ring has a juvenile flair that young and young at heart cherish couples appreciate. They love it when the light dances in the curved round of a shiny silver ring and breaks at edges and joints. Good quality is not only available in the highest price ranges. Also cheap wedding rings made of silver have a high material quality and represent an attractive alternative to rings made of gold or platinum dar. At wedding find a Best Place to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings in silver, which are not only cheap, but also meeting all preferences in the design. We are wedding, because that is the mission of We focus our offer on the piece of jewelry, which plays a central role in the wedding – the wedding ring. We offer wedding rings as a pair of rings in all sizes and in all styles. Broad or narrow, classic, filigree or romantic – with us you have the free choice.

Wedding rings silver can be combined with various materials

Wedding rings made of different materials open up new fields for a creative and individual design. By using the TRAURING CONFIGURATOR, you can design the rings yourself in advance of the wedding. The composition of various precious metal segments has a distinctive effect. The color and structural contrasts set charming accents. In addition to precious metals, a wedding ring can also be upgraded with carbon segments. Through the deliberate selection of materials that are combined in a wedding ring, the couple can express the union of man and woman. A silver black Radiant Cut Diamonds wedding ring created by the combination of silver 925 and carbon can be interpreted as a male and female bond in the marriage. Also popular is a combination with gold as an expression of eternal love. A wedding ring in silver gold or silver with rose gold has an extraordinary aesthetics that can only be achieved through the contrast of different precious metals. Another symbol of Eternal Love is the Diamond that survives the ages. A wedding ring with stone transforms the ring into an extravagant jewel. The precious metals chosen for wedding rings can shine or shimmer matt. While metallic luster creates a particularly brilliant appearance, a matte finish is less sensitive and retains its silky sheen over many years.

Information about silver

Silver is a naturally occurring precious metal and carries in the periodic table of the chemical elements the atomic number 47. The Latin name is Argentum (AG). In its pure, unalloyed state, silver has a soft consistency and is easy to work with. For many centuries, shiny metal has been used by people for jewelry, coins and everyday items. Of all metals, the whitish heavy metal conducts electricity best. The thermal conductivity is not achieved by any other metal. Silver is resistant to alkalis, but it reacts to sulphurous substances. In the form of silver bromide, it is also the basis for analogue photography.

Occurrence and promotion of silver

Although silver reserves are estimated to be twenty times gold, it is considered a relatively rare precious metal. Peru accounts for almost one third of global silver production. In addition, the largest deposits are in Mexico, the USA, Canada, Bolivia and Australia. The currently known resources are still sufficient for a supply of about 30 years. Since more and more silver is being recycled and the discovery of new deposits is to be expected, a dramatic rise in the price of silver is not expected in the medium term. Silver can be obtained from silver ores, lead ore and copper ores.

Properties of silver

Silver has a melting temperature of 961 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 2212 degrees Celsius. Due to its high density of 10.49 grams per cubic centimeter, it is classified as a heavy metal. The extremely high light reflectance of almost 100% and the high photosensitivity of the bound silver salts make the precious metal interesting for many technical applications. Despite its excellent conductivity, silver is only used for electrical applications in economic applications where the highest efficiency in power transmission is required. The precious metal can be rolled out into extremely thin foils in the micrometer range and pulled into fine wires. Because of its bactericidal effect, silver is also used in medicine