Should sensitive skin types wax for hair removal?


It all depends on the method of waxing, and the type of wax used. Cold wax strips designed for sensitive skin are ideal.

Most people have normal, oily, dry or combination skin. But some women have sensitive skin as well – this is a slightly problematic kind of skin type, as the following shows.

The problem with sensitive skin…

As the name suggests, sensitive skin is more delicate and prone to issues than other skin types. This is the kind of skin that tans easily, is prone to heat and sunlight exposure rashes, and is damaged easily by harsh skin care products. If you have this skin type, you are always wary of trying new beauty treatments or popular skin care products.

You are especially afraid of waxing your body hair. It is traumatic to sensitive skin, and you always suffer from red, angry skin afterwards. Worse, you might get ingrowth and burns from using hot wax. Most salons use hot wax that is applied with a spatula and then layered with a cloth strip to pull off the hair. It certainly removes the hair, but gives you dry, sore skin that is painful to the touch for hours afterwards.

You need a waxing method that will benefit your skin instead of making it dry and sore. Try Veet cold wax strips for sensitive skin.

Why Veet for waxing sensitive skin?

  • Formulated with the Easy Gelwax ® technology, Veet has a full body waxing kit designed for sensitive skin. The wax is fortified with Vitamin E and almond oil to soothe and moisturise the skin upon use.
  • The box contains 20 strips that you can simply apply to clean skin, pull off and get smooth, hair-free skin.
  • Each strip can be used at least twice or thrice, so they are cost-effective as well. Apply the strip on the skin, and smooth into place firmly. Now hold the grip tab firmly between your fingers, and pull off in one swift motion.
  • The wax adheres to the finest and smallest hair – hair as tiny as 1.5mm comes away easily with just one pull.
  • Waxing the skin results in the hair being pulled out from the root. The follicle must rebuild itself – the process weakens the hair shaft considerably. As a result, you get softer, sparser and finer hair regrowth. Also, Veet cold wax strips ensure that the hair stays away for about 4 weeks, giving you the freedom to wear what you want without having to hide your skin.
  • Waxing also exfoliates the skin as it works. The skin is cleansed and refreshed while the hair is removed.