Plan the Best Baby Shower


Welcoming new life into the world brings great reason to celebrate. Host an exciting and memorable baby shower. Plan a thoughtful theme with eye-catching favors, and personalized baby shower gifts. Include decorations that entice every attendee, games and activities that are never boring, and spoil mom who is carrying a precious baby.

Create a Meaningful Theme

Themes are a perfect way to make a baby shower even more meaningful. Consider a Rubber Ducky theme in yellow and baby blue. Play a pick-a-ducky game as guests enter the baby shower. Mark the bottom of the ducks with a special code or number to signify door prize winners. Pick a farmhouse theme using mini hay bales, a variety of farm animals, and small red barns. You may also select a traditional theme like princess in pink or baby boy in blue. Whatever your choice, accompany with similar children’s books on the coffee table, matching favors, accessories, and décor.

Personalize Favors and Gifts

Include plastic pacifiers, baby bottles, personalized vintage milk jars, pink or blue candy cigars, and other fun items. Favor bags are also a simple way to gift each attendee with a special offering. Personalized candy bar wrappers and candy kisses add a delicious treat. Tea parties are a beautiful way to incorporate giveaways such as small teapots, teabags, and unique baby shower gifts.

Decorate in Style

Decorate with all of the bells and whistles including balloons, banners, paper lanterns, garland, confetti, or buy a complete baby shower decoration kit. Buy or make a cake and add a special cake topper. Include a special centerpiece to the main food table. Consider filling baby birds’ nests with treats, unique baby shower gifts, and giveaway items. Glass tea candle holders are perfect for adding that extra elegance and style to the entire home or event space.

Delight Guests

A baby shower is an important event, particularly for the mother and family. If guests, however, do not know one another, it’s great to break the ice. First, consider a co-ed shower so couples can mix with one another. Ladies can do shower activities, while guys play pool, golf, or watch a sports game. An open house is also a good alternative to a long event. Feed your guests well. Then, offer shower games that bring joy for all. Create a book of advice where attendees can pass around and record a special bit of advice for the mom, dad, family, or baby. Ask guest to bring their favorite photo of the mom, dad, or family to place in the book as a special memory for years to come. Seek proven activities that bring meaning to the shower.

Spoil Mom-to-Be

Pamper mom-to-be with special treats like her own personalized drink glass or custom baby bottles, bath towels, or blankets. A personalized baby gift box where the new mom can store special memories from the shower is a wonderful keepsake. You may also create matching mom and son or daughter t-shirts or robes, and amazing baby shower gifts that will be treasured forevermore.