Combating Urban Exposure with Facial Recovery Oil


The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Indeed, the average adult carries around upwards of 8 pounds of it. Most of it is covered by clothing throughout most of the day, so we aren’t worried about exposure and the effects thereof. But there is one particular area that is almost never covered: the face. This is where urban exposure can present a big problem.

Combating urban exposure with facial recovery oil is a no-brainer. Anything we can do to nourish the skin in response to the daily exposure to everything from airborne chemicals to not-so-nice weather conditions can help keep it healthier and younger looking for longer. Facial recovery oil is designed with that in mind.

Regular use of a high quality facial recovery oil helps the skin recover from various environmental stresses. Skin gradually become softer and better balanced; it begins to look and feel as nature always intended. At Poéthique, they use natural ingredients like rose hip and camellia oils in their facial recovery elixir product.

The Urban Exposure Conundrum

Even a few hundred years ago our ancestors had plenty to deal with in terms of the skin being exposed to the environment. But urban exposure was not a problem back then – at least as much as it is today. With the Industrial Revolution and the population boom in urban areas came the kind of progress that has introduced a whole new variety of elements that negatively impact the skin.

In our urban centers we deal with things like soot and smog. Our streets are lined with cars and trucks getting where they need to go. Planes, trains, and boats also add to the pollution. And of course, we are sacrificing trees and other forms of vegetation with every new building and parking lot that goes up.

All these things create an environment that is not necessarily healthy for the skin. And then when you throw in weather conditions, it is even harder for the skin to fight back. Between cold temperatures and low humidity in the winter and the high heat and sunshine of the summer, the skin is always having to deal with something.

This description may make it sound like the skin is constantly in conflict with the environment. Well, it is – at least the parts that are routinely exposed to environmental influences. The idea behind Poéthique’s facial recovery oil, for example, is to give you a tool for nourishing your skin so that it has the upper hand in this conflict.

Why Nourishment Is So Important

When a skin care company describes it products – whether online or in print – they are very careful about choosing the words they use. Take the word ‘nourish’ for example. The Oxford dictionaries define this word as follows:

“Provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.”

A good facial recovery elixir doesn’t necessarily ‘feed’ the skin in the same way you feed yourself at dinner. But it does provide the skin with healing oils that promote recovery from urban exposure, thus leading to what the Oxford dictionaries refers to as “growth, health, and good condition.

We love our cities, and with good reason. But not everything in the urban environment is good for the skin. The best way to deal with those unhealthy things is to counteract them with healthy nourishment. That’s what facial recovery oil is all about. It nourishes the skin and helps revitalize it despite regular urban exposure. Perhaps you might add a good facial recovery oil to your daily skin care routine.