3 tips on making your eye lashes look bigger


Big eyes and big eyelashes make you look healthy, youthful and active. The only problem is we aren’t all born with thick eyelashes.

We do have an artificial solution in the form of fake eyelashes but they can’t be used all the time. They are difficult to apply and you can’t wear them for a long time. I am pretty sure you must have tried remedies to make your eyelashes grow but you can’t possibly get results fast. Of course, using the right mascara counts too but there is more to it. A simple solution to this is to make your eyelashes look bigger with the makeup products that you use on a daily basis. Here are 3 tips that can make your eyelashes look bigger and thick:

  1. Use baby powder

It is a simple yet effective technique to make your eyelashes look bigger. Use an eyelash curler to give a perfect curl to your lashes. Hold the clamp for 8 seconds on both sides. It is time to coat your eyelashes with mascara. Give it some time to dry. Now you will need baby powder. Tap some powder in a jar and dip a Q-tip in it. Coat the top and bottom of your eyelashes with baby powder.  After this, apply mascara on your lashes again. If necessary you can add more than two layers. And here you go with beautiful big eyelashes.

  1. Follow the primer remedy

This is best for those who have genetically shorter and light eyelashes.  Each night, you must condition your lashes with olive oil or almond oil. Then follow this routine:

  1. The next morning start by curling your eyelashes. It is recommended to clamp your lashes close to the roots without pinching the skin. Hold the eyelash curler for 2 seconds and then release gently. Move the curler halfway up the lashes towards their tips. Repeat the same process for the other eye.
  2. Now it is time to apply the primer. It is useful for many reasons. It coats your lashes, makes them look thick and conditions them too.
  3. You are ready to apply mascara now. Beauty experts recommend using creamy and volumizing mascara. When applying mascara, start from the outer eye inward. Then hold the wand of the mascara at the base of your lashes. Brush upward to the end of the lashes.
  4. Take an eyelash comb and brush the tips of your lashes. You can apply another coat of mascara and feather the tip of your lashes again.

You will be surprised by the results of this routine.

  1. Try tightlining

Tightlining is another great technique to make your lashes look bigger. You will need smudge-proof eyeliner for this purpose. You have to draw the eyeliner inside your lash line. It gives structure to your eyes by filling in the gaps in the lash line. If it is done properly, it does not make it appear that you are wearing eyeliner. It is also best for hooded eyes that look droopy.

To do that, you must apply the eyeliner directly to the roots of your lashes. Take a flat makeup brush and dip it in the product. Hold the brush vertically and wiggle its tip into the top waterline gently. Move the brush across your eyelid starting from the outer corner to the inner corner.  If there are any smudges, use a Q-tip to remove them. Allow the liner to dry before using the eyelash curler. After this, you can also use volumizing mascara to give a fuller look to your lashes.